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Notice: 21th Lab Seminar [2012-06-16]
작성일 : 12-06-14 19:52
 글쓴이 : admin
조회 : 2,901  
Lab Seminar [2012-06-16] is scheduled on June 16 at Engineering Building #461.

1. Jinwoo Park (Professor), “Strategies to Resolve the Current Disputing Issues in
  Communication Network Business of Korea”

2. Taihyong Yim (PhD candidate), “A novel Flow-aware Handoff scheme in IP-based Mobile
  Access Network"

3. Jonghwan Cho (M.S. student), “A Handover Scheme for Optimized Enhancement of
  Network  Capacity in LTE Femtocell Networks”

4. Chunying Li (M.S. student), “Context-Aware Server Selection Strategy in Mobile CDN for
  Streaming Media Services”

5. Junhyuk choi (M.S. student),  "A Study on All-Optical Buffer System using Nonlinearity of
  Semiconductor Optical Amplifier"

6. Yeunwoong Kyung (M.S. student), “Multi-Wireless Access Support Scheme Based on
  SDR Reconfiguration”