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Kiwon Hong, "SDN-Assisted Slow HTTP DDoS Attack Defense Method," IEEE Communications Letters,  accepted for publication, 2017
Yeunwoong Kyung, "SDN/NFV-based Scalable Mobile Service Integration for Gradual Network Evolution," Journal of Communications and Networks,  accepted for publication, 2017
Yeunwoong Kyung, "Prioritized admission control with load distribution over multiple controllers for scalable SDN-based mobile networks," Wireless Networks,  accepted for publication, 2017
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Myeongyu Kim, Youchan Jeon, Haesoo Kim, Taekook Kim, and Jinwoo Park, "Real-Time White Spectrum Recognition for Cognitive Radio Networks over TV White Spaces," Journal of Communications and Networks, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 238-244,  April, 2014
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